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The English Collection

With classically inspired tiles using original engravings, the English Collection is the flagship of Welbeck's range. Traditional designs with timeless appeal, to complement interiors of today and yesterday.

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  • Tableware Tableware

    Elegant old engravings of English tableware. Chestnut baskets, teapots, cups, jugs, milk pails etc.

  • Cutlery Cutlery

    Antique silver cutlery designs spanning two tiles, showing wonderful fine detailing.

  • Welbeck Words Welbeck Words

    Instantly recognised as Welbeck and fully customisable. Click to view more word ideas.

  • Household Household

    Quirky old household and beauty products, including the now-defunct whisker dye.

  • Jellies Jellies

    Wonderful, old jelly mould designs, inspired by treasured cookery books.

  • Tulips Tulips

    Gorgeous parrot tulip designs, sourced from old botany journals.

  • Ferns Ferns

    Graceful woodland plants.